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  • How to buy all solid wood office furniture in Xiamen

    Generally, pine and mahogany furniture are mostly solid wood furniture, while teak furniture is mostly local solid wood furniture. For example, teak is used for the face, and other wood is used for plywood. Then when buying, be sure to write the same furniture clearly on the contract

  • Maintenance of Xiamen office furniture desk

    For office workers, a good working environment can make people do more with less. At this time, Xiamen office furniture is particularly important. The most common one is the desk. How to maintain the desk to better extend its service life? This is sophisticated

  • Xiamen custom office furniture sought after

    Nowadays, the overall trend of office furniture customization is also appearing among the white-collar workers. The personality, fashion, time and effort of office furniture customization in Xiamen has gradually conquered more consumer groups. With the increasing demand for Xiamen office furniture customization, the market is also in need.

  • Xiamen Shidai Wenyi Furniture Co., Ltd. teaches you to do office partitions

    1.The partition wall of the office is a very modern kind of jewelry product, with a strong visual effect, which can almost meet people's requirements for various space designs, giving people a feeling of being partitioned and not transparent, making Our glass partitions

  • How to buy office furniture in Xiamen to prevent being deceived

    The production of office furniture is actually produced in various furniture factories, and then taken to the furniture mall to install various components on the office furniture. In the past, I bought home office furniture and measured the size, and then went to the nearby Xiamen office furniture and furniture mall.

  • The importance of Xiamen office furniture maintenance

    1. When handling office furniture, you should lift it gently, do not drag it hard. When placing it, place it flat and stable. If the ground is uneven, pad your legs to prevent damage to the tenon structure. 2. Office furniture should not be exposed to strong sunlight or overly dry

  • The most common mistakes in Xiamen office furniture maintenance

    Although we all go to maintain the office furniture over a period of time, it may cause the life of office furniture to be greatly shortened due to your wrong operation. So how do we pay attention to this, Xiaobian tells you that office furniture maintenance is the most common

  • How to choose office furniture in Xiamen

    When buying office furniture in Xiamen, many people like to choose office furniture manufacturers in Xiamen, but when they come to an office furniture factory, they find that there are many categories, and it is not easy to choose. So how to choose the right office furniture

  • There are several main styles of office furniture

    Many companies now attach great importance to the company's image, so they pay great attention to the selection of furniture styles when choosing. Furniture is also an indispensable daily appliance in the work unit, and the style planning effect of these furniture directly affects the work

Xiamen Shidai Wenyi Furniture Co., Ltd. is an office furniture company specializing in the design, production and sales of Xiamen office furniture , office screen partitions, office file cabinets, desks, desks and chairs, conference tables, staff swivel chairs, and office sofas . The company builds furniture brand by combining furniture specialization and environmental protection with professional overall space design and "five-year warranty and lifetime maintenance" service commitment.
Xiamen Times Wenyi Furniture Co., Ltd. has advanced manufacturing equipment and management system, and can continuously provide customers with a series of ecological and environmentally friendly office furniture and efficient after-sales service. In order to provide customers with more convenient, comprehensive and in-depth understanding, the company has set up a 1,200 square-foot professional, modern and personalized business space experience hall in Xiamen to present the culture, products and services of the era's furniture To new and old customers. With the spirit of professionalism, specialization, environmental protection and modesty, we can provide you with value-added services, and we will certainly achieve a win-win situation with customers!

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